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Turkish Police Attack Kurds Protesting Closure of School

Posted on by Naila Bozo

When Turkey’s ruling party AKP announced its “democratic package” that among other things included reforms meant to address Kurdish calls for greater rights, some people expressed hope in this promise while others, especially Kurds, remained skeptical. AKP and its supporters …

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What peace process, Erdogan and Barzanî?

Posted on by Naila Bozo

On November 16, Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, uttered the word “Kurdistan” in public when he was giving a speech in the Kurdish city of Amed, its official name being Diyarbakir after order from Atatürk in 1937, the …

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Decriminalisation of Kurdish singing in Turkey

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

Ahmet Kaya was born in the autumn of 1957 in Malatya. Soon after the 1970 coup in Turkey, Ahmet’s family immigrated to Istanbul in hope of better job opportunities. His interest in singing at an early age was noticed by …

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Turkish PM Erdoğan: “We don’t have a plan for providing education in Kurdish!”

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Amid the discussions on to what extent the “package” that the government is to announce to resolve the Kurdish issue will make way for democratization, PM Erdoğan said that they do not have a plan for regulating education in the …

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Perwas Hussein: the challenges of a Kurdish singer on Arab Idol

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

Last night’s episode of Arab Idol brought more than flashy dresses and big voices to the stage. As the number of contestants dwindles down and each singer can taste victory, one Kurdish woman by the name of Perwas Hussein wowed …

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Making Turkey work with the Kurds: the Canadian example

Posted on by Mohammad Shirdel

The government of Turkey has recently engaged in new rounds of dialogue and negotiation with their Kurdish population. However, in order for these talks to result in some sort of tangible gains for their systemically marginalized and suppressed Kurdish population, …

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