About Us

The Alliance for Kurdish Rights (AKR) is an independent digital initiative whose mission is to mobilize public opinion, collect information and disseminate knowledge about human rights abuses against the Kurdish people throughout the Middle East.

This platform aims to be a forceful tool that empowers and amplifies the Kurdish voice. At AKR, our writers and participants are hopeful and ambitious, working tirelessly to ensure the promise that Kurds in the region will be able to benefit from basic human rights, allowing them to speak freely and powerfully after many years of violent discrimination and silence.

AKR encourages people of all walks of life to join forces with us against coercion, intimidation, hatred, and racism in order to shed some light upon the often forgotten brutality that the Kurds face on a daily basis by oppressive regimes.

AKR hopes that you will join us in this struggle. Get in touch.