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KCK Trial Resumes in Silivri Under Shadow of Hunger Strike

Posted on by Jeff Gibbs

On Monday, October 1st, as Turkey writes its new constitution, a trial will resume at Silivri L Type Prison just outside of Istanbul that could well determine the country’s future. Will it be rule of law under an impartial justice …

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KCK trials in Turkey: “Justice will not be served!”

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

The Peace in Kurdistan Campaign held on September 18th a public meeting in London about the KCK trials in Turkey and had invited a number of speakers who had observed the hearings during the summer. The people arrested in the …

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Syria’s Kurds: Missing the chance?

Posted on by Avend Akreyî

A banner at protest in the Kurdish Kobani reads, “The interest of the Kurdish people is superior to narrow partisan considerations”, expressing the desperation over the conflicts between Kurdish parties. Rojava yê Kurdistan is usually the name Kurds call the …

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Turkey’s War Against the Power of the Pen

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

“[There is] no difference between the bullets fired in [Kurdish land] and the articles written in Ankara.” -Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin The headlines out of Turkey today are dramatic. In what Reuters has called the “Biggest Media Case” …

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