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Another Kurdish Youth Shot by Turkish Police

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

  During protests to commemorate the execution-like killings of three Kurdish activists in Paris on January 9, 2013, clashes erupted in the Cizre district of Şırnak in North Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey) which led to Turkish police shooting and injuring yet another …

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‘What I Saw In Kobanê’

Posted on by Naila Bozo

Recently, my friend and fellow Kurdish rights activist Firat Jacob Tas came home from a trip to Kobanê in Rojava (northern Syria) that has been the battleground for intense fighting between Kurdish armed forces YPG/YPJ and the Islamic State (IS) …

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Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

A Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink has been arrested by Turkish authorities on Tuesday morning. She is widely known to have covered Kurdish-related incidents in the country. She tweeted from her personal account, “Terrorism police just search my house, team of …

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