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Living with the aftermath of Saddam's Kurdish genocide

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Years before the Saddam regime targeted civilians on their Kurdish identity, it targeted people with associations to the Barzan tribe (Mizori Balla, Sherwanis, Dolamaris and of course Barzanis from the village of Barzan). Some 8,000 Barzani males over the age …

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Turkey Renews Cross-Border Operations in Iraq that have Harmed Thousands of Kurdish Civilians

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The recent decision by Turkey’s parliament to authorize the Turkish military to conduct military raids across the Iraqi border, allegedly to combat PKK militants, wasn’t met with any significant reaction from the world community. Kurdish politicians in Iraq have voiced …

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Imprisoned Kurdish activist in Iran treated especially poorly

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A few days ago Mr. Javad Alizadeh was transferred from Sanandaj Prison to Hamedan Prison which is in a different province, against his wish. Mr. Alizadeh is serving a one year jail sentence because of his political activities. Because of …

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Thirteen Kurdish prisoners in Iran face death for political reasons

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Campaign in Support of Kurdish Political Prisoners Launched by Women of Azarmehr – Due to the recent assassinations of prominent Islamic Regime Agents in the Iranian Kurdistan, and in particular in the city of Sanandaj the government has imposed an …

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Two Kurds tortured to death and another faces execution in Iran

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Sources from Iran have reported that Kurdish political prisoner, Ahmad Mohammadi was killed after having suffered severe torture while in prison. Iranian prison guards allegedly tortured Mohammadi in order to try to get information from the young man. Mohammadi was …

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