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Turkish Police Attack Kurds Protesting Closure of School

Posted on by Naila Bozo

When Turkey’s ruling party AKP announced its “democratic package” that among other things included reforms meant to address Kurdish calls for greater rights, some people expressed hope in this promise while others, especially Kurds, remained skeptical. AKP and its supporters …

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From a Kurd to Kurds: We Must Stand Firm on LGBT Rights

Posted on by Naila Bozo

Photo by Bezav Mahmod (   I am sitting on a couch in a small dorm room, flicking through the pages of the latest issue of Vogue Magazine. My friend is pouring me Kurdish tea that he just made in …

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A Day with Yezidis in Camps around Duhok and Zakho

Posted on by Xoncha Nouri

We left Erbil in the morning two weeks ago to meet the Yezidis who had managed to escape ISIS terror, Shoresh Rahem, KRG’s representative in Sweden, another friend and I. The camps in Duhok and Zakho were filled with people …

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