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The Emperor Erdogan’s New Clothes

Posted on by Naila Bozo

“Sovereignty does not allow any leader or any regime to repress its own people or kill innocent civilians. A regime pointing guns to its own people can have no sovereignty or legitimacy.” This is an example of a statement that …

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Kurdish Azadi is Not for Sale

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

I was in high school when the American occupation of Iraq began. I remember the months of dramatic media reports and passionate debates that preceded the invasion, and I remember how physically upset I would get at imagining the cost …

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Human Rights Watch account: Kurds in 2011, Part I

Posted on by Rebar Panawandi Ismaeeli

Every year, Human Rights Watch publishes a world report (HRW World Report) which accounts for human rights conditions all over the globe in the previous year. Their investigation is often done “in close partnership with domestic human right activists” as …

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The never-ending oppression of the Kurds?

Posted on by Jiyan Azadi

The life of the Kurdish people has been dominated by numerous conflicts for decades. The Kurdish landscape has always been a region where armed struggles have been launched and the Kurdish people have fought against colonizing powers for a very …

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