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Report: FSA brigades attack Serê Kaniyê

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

A two week long battle has been raging in Rojava, Syria for control of the Kurdish city of Serê Kaniyê, right on the Turkish-Syrian border. Two Islamist brigades, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ghuraba al-Sham, affiliated with the Free Syrian Army have attempted …

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On Peace Talks and Assassinations: The Imrali Process in Turkey

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

With the new year, the Turkish state has begun new negotiations with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, the PKK, including finally ending the long isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. There has never been so much outspoken support by Turks for negotiations …

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Open letter to PM Erdoğan

Posted on by Evin Cheikosman

To: Recep Tayipp Erdoğan, Prime Minister, Turkey Re: Kurds should be granted an autonomous Kurdish state in southeast Turkey Honorable Prime Minister Erdoğan, as you are aware, the long-standing Kurdish struggle for autonomy has remained a constant issue in Turkish …

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“Afyon will be a graveyard for Kurds!”

Posted on by Xende Biradostî

Tensions have been high in the western Turkish province of Afyon after some two thousand angry nationalists stormed a Kurdish neighborhood on Saturday (December 29). Members of the mob were carrying Turkish flags and chanting, “death to Kurds!” and “Afyon …

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Danish author: Kurds lack a Gandhi

Posted on by Lillian Simonsen

The Danish author Adil Erdem both rebukes and celebrates the Kurdish identity when he is interviewed in a new series on Danish-Kurdish portraits, “KURDISH PROFILE,” as he answers personal questions about his Kurdish origin. Published first on the left-wing web …

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