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Turkish armed forces using chemical weapons on PKK rebels?

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

On 19 October, 24 PKK rebels were killed by the Turkish armed forces in the Çukurca district. Human Rights Association in Hakkari is investigating allegations of chemical weapons used against PKK rebels by Turkish armed forces. Samples from the ground have …

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Execution rate in Iran alarms UN; Execution of Kurds systematic

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern over what the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is calling an ‘execution binge’ taking place in Iran. A number of reports have indicated that since the start of …

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New Kurdish Rights Illustration!

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

On March 16th, supporters of Kurdish and human rights will come together to commemorate the anniversary of the Halabja poison gas attack, which was carried out by Iraqi forces against Kurdish civilians in the Iraqi town of Halabja in March …

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Video: Stand up for Kurdish Rights

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

The Kurdish struggle is by far one of the most underrepresented ones in the Middle East, but systematic abuse against the Kurdish minority remains to this day. Our animated video below outlines the issue in 55 seconds. Imagine.

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Remembering Kurdish Prisoners

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Following the tragic execution of Ehsan Fattahian, we were trying to find multiple sources on other Kurdish victims of severe oppression and crimes. This took us many days and we wanted to make the process simpler not just for us, …

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Who are the Kurds?

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

The Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without their own state, numbering somewhere between 25 to 35 million in population. They mostly live in a region often referred to as Kurdistan, which stretches across the borders of …

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