Remembering Kurdish Prisoners


Following the tragic execution of Ehsan Fattahian, we were trying to find multiple sources on other Kurdish victims of severe oppression and crimes. This took us many days and we wanted to make the process simpler not just for us, but for many others who wanted a single location where they can find such victims by country and by name. Too many Kurdish activists, journalists, teachers and students are currently imprisoned or have been executed in Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey, and having their names disappear into the archives wasn’t something we were willing to sit back and watch. It’s important that we remember and honor their names, their stories, their struggle for human rights, and their faces.

That’s why we launched this project: Remembering Kurdish Prisoners – Documenting the cases of Kurdish men, women, and children who were imprisoned, unjustly killed, or forcibly disappeared for their ethnicity.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to this directory so that we may cover as many victims as possible.

There is a Facebook application that goes along with this, where you can display them in your profile and give people the ability to go through victims and their stories. Every time you refresh your profile, you will find a different victim/photo appear, just to keep them in your hopes and spirits. Here is what it would look like:

Install this app.