Kobane Canton Bans Polygamy, Underage Marriage


Qamishlo, 2012

According to Evrensel Media, the Women’s Commission of Kobane Canton, one of three cantons that make up the Rojava self-rule, has passed new regulations that ban underage marriages, polygamy and exchange of brides within the family.

Zêrîn Kutay and Rabîa Eto from Jin Press Agency reported that these practices have been banned and that the public will be informed about the new regulations through education and local assemblies.

Emine Bekir, an official from the Kobane Canton’s Administration, stated that they will continue to build a democratic self-governing society which respects women’s rights.

At a memorial for women who have died in battle, Rûken Ehmet said:

We need to understand the importance of education as a way to inform the public about women’s rights. Only education can end male hegemony that has lasted more than five thousand years.

Immigration that is taking place due to the war has affected our efforts but it does not mean that our work has stopped. According to our decisions, education will continue non-stop in all parts of society. With the help of local assemblies we will reach everyone. Local asssemblies should move within their abilities to solve women’s problems. Local assemblies are chosen by women and society. Therefore, with this responsibility they must to contribute to our efforts for women’s rights.

Translated by Nezaket Yıldırım for Alliance for Kurdish Rights.