Pictures: Worldwide Protests In Solidarity With Kobane


Today, Kurds and non-Kurds alike took to the streets all over the world to show their solidarity with the ongoing Kurdish fighters who are defending the city of Kobane against Daesh (IS) attacks that have been going on for at least 48 days.

Under the hashtag #GlobalDay4Kobane, people on social media have shared pictures of large demonstrations showing support of the resistance in Kobane. 

Paris, France

Perth, Australia (



Valencia, Spain


Copenhagen, Denmark


Washington, USA (Picture by Mutlu Civiroglu)

Melbourne, Australia

Amed, Northern Kurdistan (Diyarbakir, Southeastern Turkey)



Istanbul, Turkey



Amazigh in Morocco in front of the Turkish embassy

NOTE: If you took any of the pictures above and want to be credited or have it removed, please get in touch with us.