Another Man Dies of Self-Immolation in Iran


According to HRANA, a 22-year-old follower of the religion Yârsân set himself on fire in front of the Islamic Parliament on Saturday to protest the lack of action following the self-immolation and the treatment of other members of the religion Yârsân.

Mohammad Ghanbari was taken to the hospital by the parliament’s security personnel and was here watched by police who did not allow any visitors to see him.

After the news of Ghanbari’s death, people gathered in front of the parliament to protest.

Followers of Yârsân are concentrated both in Iran and Iraq and their members are mostly ethnic Kurds. According to HRANA, leaders of Yârsân have been threatened by the Iranian Intelligence Agency in the city of Sahneh.

Last month, two Kurds died of self-immolation when they protested Iranian prison authorities’ treatment of a fellow member of Yârsân.