The Words of Farzad Kamanger


On May 9, 2010 five political prisoners were executed in Iran, all sentenced with “enmity against God.” Four of them were Kurds: Farzad Kamanger, Shirin Alam Hooli, Ali Heydarian and Farhad Vakili.

They fought for the rights of the Kurdish people in Iran and were punished with execution like many other freedom fighters before and after them. Their fight for Kurdish rights is kept alive in their spirit and by the words of Farzad Kamanger.

Farzad Kamangar was a 32-year old Kurdish teacher and social worker from the Kurdish city of Kamyaran. He was arrested in August 2006 for his activism and was accused of membership in the illegal Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), based in Turkey. During his time of incarceration, Kamangar was subjected to extreme mental and physical torture, which he later described in a letter.

Kamangar was refused access to his lawyer and was charged in an unfair trial that lasted only seven minutes much like many other political prisoners in Iran. He was given the death sentence by authorities under the charge of Mohareb or “enemy of God” despite the lack of evidence against him. In a letter written to the head of the judiciary, Kamangar had requested a retrial but his requests were repeatedly refused. Kamangar’s case was well-known by human rights organizations internationally, and despite many calls and appeals sent on behalf of human rights groups and activists, the Islamic Regime of Iran carried out his execution.

He has since become a symbol of the Kurdish struggle. His words are repeated by activists and freedom-loving people alike. On the three year anniversary of his death, we honour and commemorate the words of Farzad Kamanger: