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Kurds given one week to leave Arab regions in Iraq

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

A militant group called Beder have threatened Kurdish people living in Arab populated regions within Iraq. They have issued a statement saying all Kurds living in Baghdad and other Arab areas must leave immediately. In a statement, Abu Abdullah Mohamadawi …

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The Kurd, an oppressor of Kurdistan

Posted on by Naila Bozo

Photo by Bezav MahmodI once met Kurdistan. He said to me: I am denied my existence and my identity by heartless oppressors. I am treated as trash by indoctrinated adherents. I am mocked, molested and murdered by those who do …

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Kurdish soldiers defecting from Syrian army

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

20 year-old Isa Hussein, a Kurdish soldier in the Syrian army was killed last week for refusing to shoot civilians during the uprising. Hundreds of Kurds have escaped to Southern Kurdistan against the regime’s brutal crackdown. They have described in …

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