Volunteers needed


Dear loyal readers and campaigners;

Alliance For Kurdish Rights started with the aim of giving Kurdish people a voice in countries where their rights are disregarded and abused. In the beginning of 2012, we promised to give greater coverage of Kurdish Human rights abuses throughout the Middle East. We need volunteers to deliver our promise.

We do not receive funding from political parties, and therefore have no agenda or association when it comes to highlighting Kurdish rights. Our funding is received from generous donors, and goes directly towards website security and maintenance. The security of this website has been compromised in the past, we were hacked by antagonists and as a result lost all our online data. As a result of limited donors, we are unable to hire staff members at this stage, but hope to expand AKR in the future as we continue to grow.

In order to produce accurate reports that extend to more than blog posts, we need volunteers. We are looking to invest in volunteers who can carry out research on-ground, and use their journalism skills to highlight the struggles of Kurdish people. More importantly, we want accurate journalism that can stand to scrutiny.

AKR will give volunteers the opportunity to travel throughout Middle-east covering Kurdish-related events, and access to many conferences as a representative. If you would like to join Alliance For Kurdish Rights, get in touch with us.