Zanyar and Loqman Moradi: Two Kurdish citizens in Iran awaiting execution


Two young Kurdish men in Iran will be executed as early as this coming Friday, according to news website Rooz Online. In October of last year, activist organization United4Iran led a campaign urging the Iranian authorities to halt their execution. They have led a similar campaign for another Kurdish citizen, Zeinab Jalalian, a prisoner of conscience, whose sentence was eventually “reduced” to life in prison. Still a tragedy.

Iran has been executing innocent people at an insane rate which appears to have been escalating in recent weeks. Many of the victims are Kurdish. Here is also a database of political prisoners in Iran.

Below is a message from the father of Zanyar Moradi (Persian):

Before it’s too late, you can still write to Iranian authorities and embassies worldwide expressing concern over the execution sentences. You may do so here.