AKR calls for Protests against Turkish brutality towards Kurds


Alliance for Kurdish Rights calls on activists to stage demonstrations in their local areas against Turkish State brutality towards Kurdish people.

When the Turkish government sent warplanes on the 21st of August, 7 civilian Kurds were killed according to Iraqi officials. The shelling of Kurdish regions has intensified since, recently 27 PKK rebels were killed after 3 weeks of bombardment in Kurdish provinces.

The continuos shelling of Kurdish provinces has led villagers to evacuate their areas, and many have been displaced consequently. After the killing of 7 Kurdish civilians, the Kurdish parliament issued a statement saying: “We demand the Turkish government to make a formal apology to the people and the Kurdistan government”. What good is an apology when the Turkish government has consistently disregarded the calls of Human Rights activists against state-sanctioned discrimination.

And now, 35 civilians have been killed and many injured. The Turkish government has multiplied its efforts against Kurdish people. Numerous Kurdish journalists, activists and politicians have been arrested in the past 3 months. You can browse through the arbitrary arrests and Human Rights abuses of Kurdish people here.

We ask activists to partake in protests in their local area. Activists in the following areas have informed us that they will be protesting. We will post pictures as the events unfold. If you are protesting in your local area, please leave us a comment and you will be added to the list.

South Kurdistan

Kalar – 29th of December 2011
Xaneqin – 29th of December 2011
– Silemani – 30th of December
– Kekuk – 30th of December
– Hawler – 30th of December
– Riwanduz – 30th of December
– Raniya – 31st of December
– Halabja – 31st of December


– London, UK (Outside Turkish Embassy, 1PM) – 30th December 2011
– Copenhagen, Denmark (Outside Turkish Embassy, 12PM) – 30th December 2011
– Malmo, Sweden (13:30 at Gustav Adolf’s Torg) 30th December 2011.
– Stockholm, Sweden (14:00 at Sergels Torg) – 30th December 2011.


– Washington (Outside Turkish Embassy, 12PM) – 30th December 2011.