34 Kurdish civillians killed by Turkish warplanes – Video


At least 36 Kurdish civilians have been killed by Turkish warplanes overnight, local sources revealed. Şirnak City Council’s Deputy Chair Erşet Ediş has said in a statement, “The bodies were burnt to a crisp. Vehicles cannot go into the area due to severe snow. People are trying to reach the area by their own means.”

The footage below shows bodies piled up on top of each other in a truck, with families crying and weeping for their lost ones.

Bodies identified so far:

Özcan Uysal
Nevzat Encü
Salih Encü
Ferhat Encü
Şervan Encü
Osman Kaplan
M. Ali Tosun
Nadir Almak
Yüksel Ürek
Salih Ürek
Adem And
Hamza Encü
Cemal Encü
Sivan Encü
Bedran Encü
Hüseyin Encü
Selam Encü
Aslan Encü
Celal Encü.

Some of the bodies found, people have been unable to identify some of them.

The bodies have been severely burnt, and some are not recognisable.

People have made their own way into the area, finding bodies and bringing them back in trucks due to the heavy snow.

One mother lamenting as she discovers her loss.