Offices of Kurdish lawyers raided


The offices of Asrin Hukuk Burosu in Istanbul were raided by Turkish police, and elsewhere in Turkey 70 people were taken into custody, 48 of them were lawyers. Among them is BDP’s former executive lawyer Huseyin Calisci.

While Kurdish activists were taken into Custody, President Gul visited United Kingdom, the first visit for a Turkish president in 23 years.

William Hague wrote in the Telegraph “the case for a strong bilateral partnership between Britain and Turkey has never been stronger”. The President of Turkey was welcomed in Buckingham palace in an extravagant show of opulence on Tuesday by Queen Elizabeth II.

Unfortunately little attention is given to Turkey’s human rights abuses with minority groups, including Kurdish people and Alevis.

List of those taken into custody while President Gul visited United Kingdom:

  1. BDP Diyarbakır co-chair Ömer Ömer
  2. Bağlar council deputy mayor Derya Tamriş
  3. Councillors Kadri Gökdemir
  4. Bağlar BDP chair Ali Yüce


  1. Baran Pamuk
  2. Fuat Coşacak
  3. Nuri Çelik
  4. Mehmet Nuri Deniz
  5. Fatma Kızılkaya,
  6. Şafi Hayme.