New civilian casualty as a result of increasing Iranian aggression


10 September 2011: Kurdish news website Rojhelat has reported that a 20 year old worker was shot dead by the Iranian Revolution Guards Corp while working near the Iran-Iraq border. Iran has been sending large numbers of  troops from key border cities for what is believed will be a new wave of attack against fighters from the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK). Along with increased troops there have been military checkpoints set on the roads to the cities of Kirmashan, Pawe, Sine, Bokan, and Shino.

These new increased aggressions against the borders of Iraqi Kurdistan come after an intense Iranian offensive in July, and after a continuing Turkish offensive since early August. Iraqi Kurdistan has thus sustained continuous attack from Turkey and Iran for several months now, and it remains to be seen whether Iran will continue the violence.

Iran’s actions occur within the context of the recent statement issued by PJAK, where it declared a ceasefire on 4 September 2011.