Friday of No Dialogue: Are Kurds Part of the Dialogue?


8 July 2011: Another Friday in Syria has brought another wave of protests from Kurdish youth across Syrian Kurdish towns.  Today’s protests were marked by expressions of solidarity with other Syrians and the waving of Kurdish banners alongside Syrian flags.

Chants of “The Syrian People are One” in Serê Kaniyê (Ar. Ras el Ein)

Also in  Serê Kaniyê, protesters chanted “Azadi, azadi” (“Freedom” in Kurdish)

Protesters in Dirbêsî demand freedom in song-like chants.
“Freedom is no small thing!
Derbasiye is no small thing!”

Signs in Amûdê refuted dialogue with the regime, and a sign held by a very young protester asserted her Kurdish identity. Protesters chanted for the downfall of the regime amid ululations from the women.

A huge crowd in Qamişlo chants for the downfall of the regime:

Also in Qamişlo, protesters carried the tri-colored Kurdish banner along with Syrian flags.

Protesters in  Qamişlo also chanted “No Iran, no Hizbollah, we just want Syria”