Syrian Kurdish towns protest on the “Friday of the Loss of Legitimacy”


Amid continued silence from Iraqi Kurdistan officials and prominent Syrian Kurds, many youth in Kurdish towns in Syria counted themselves among the protesters that have rallied in Syrian streets every Friday for over three months. Thousands protested in Kobanî (Ain el Arab), Amûdê, Qamishlo, Sari-Kaniyeh (Ras el Ain) and Derbasieh, calling for the fall of an illegitimate regime.

Demonstrations in Qamishlo, where people chanted “The Syrian People Are One” and carried pictures of those killed or arrested.

Additional protests in Qamishlo

Amûdê saw the largest demonstrations yet since the beginning of the uprising. Protesters called for the fall of the regime, the end of injustice, and chanted “Syrians raise your hands, Bashar has lost his hold [on us].” Protesters carried signs in English and Arabic that stated “Bashar is no longer our president”.

Protesters in Kobanî also chanted that the Syrian people are one, and “Peaceful, Peaceful”.