New Twitter campaign to raise awareness about Kurdish rights in Turkey


Today and in the next two Fridays (June 3rd and June 10) Kurds and supporters of Kurdish human rights will work to raise awareness about the repression of Kurdish identity in Turkey on the social networking site twitter.

The campaign, which was initiated by the Kurdish blogger Hevallo, aims to “help highlight the Kurdish issue in Turkey and support the Kurds Civil Disobedience Campaign.” Kurds in Turkey are denied their national identity, prevented from learning Kurdish in schools, prevented from speaking Kurdish in political gatherings, and peaceful protests of Kurds are usually met with violence. Under Turkey’s draconian anti-terrorism laws, Kurdish children are kept for months in jails and journalists who seemed to support the PKK would be charged with membership in a terrorist organization. Thousands of Kurdish political and human rights activists are rounded up each year under the same laws.

This year, Kurds in Turkey have launched an unprecedented peaceful civil disobedience campaign demanding the immediate release of thousands of Kurdish politicians, the right to educate their children in Kurdish, and end to military operations against the PKK and abolishing the 10% for parliamentary elections in Turkey, which has prevented pro-Kurdish parties from entering the parliament.

Follow the campaign on twitter and join it yourself by using the hashtag #twitterKurds. KurdishRights on twitter will be participating in the campaign.