HROK: Another Kurdish student becomes the victim of recent Iranian election unrest


Source: Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan

On Thursday lunchtime, the body of Kurdish student, Muhamad Jawad Parndakh, yet another of those who lost their lives in recent arrests, was laid to rest in Gilan Gharb in Kermanshah province.

Parndakh was studying for his petrochemical Master’s degree at Isfahan University during the 10th Iranian presidential election.

According to unconfirmed reports, Parndakh was arrested by the security forces in one of the gatherings in the city of Isfahan. His body was identified by his family in Isfahan’s forensic morgue sometime after his arrest.

It has been reported that at the time of the burial of this martyred student in Gilan Gharb, people started chanting in protest and there was a tense atmosphere on Thursday in the city.

The family of Parndakh have been put under tremendous pressure by the security forces about the mourning ceremony and calls for people to attend it.

The family have been ordered by the security forces to announce that their son died in a car accident.

Thursday 27th Aug 2009