Farzad Kamangar still faces risk of execution


From Iran Human Rights Voice:

Based on a report by Coalition of Human Rights Advocates in Iran, amongst a pile of news printed in recent days, there was some news on an apparent decision by Ayatullah Shahroodi in reference to an appeal by Farzad Kamangar. Based on this decision, the case of Mr. Kamangar, a teacher sentenced to death, has been referred to a branch of court for another review by a panel of five judges.

The activists in the Coalition contacted Mr. Kamangar’s family members and his lawyer for confirmation, and they were not aware of such developments. Mr. Kamangar’s family members are very worried about his uncertain and at times his ambiguous court case.

Mr. Kamangar has personally refused to request amnesty based on his belief in his innocence and Khalil Bahramian, a lawyer representing Mr. Kamangar, by citing article 18, appealed the ruling about five months ago and they are waiting for an approval from the judicial body.

Five months later, the judicial office has not issued any response or any statement regarding the possible decision by Ayatullah Shahroodi’s office. In the absence of any news, the death sentence of Mr. Kamangar still remains a possibility and can be carried out once approved by the head of the judicial office.

Presently, Mr. Kamangar is in General Ward 209 in Evin Prison and, due to an infection in his jaw, suffered as a result of his mistreatment in Sanandaj detention center, he needs immediate medical attention.

Please take a moment and sign an urgent petition, expressing your concern and requesting that the execution of the innocent Kamangar to be halted.