Free Massoud Kordpour!


Massoud Kordpour is a Kurdish human rights activist who has been arrested for the second time by the Iranian authorities supposedly for “spying” for foreign governments:

This time authorities accused him of being a spy after he gave interviews to foreign news sources that broadcast in Farsi and Kurdish languages.

Kordpour is the founder of the Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights in Iranian Kurdistan. He is also a contributor to various Iranian newspapers and other Farsi-language dailies published abroad.


We at the Alliance for Kurdish Rights respectfully demand that he be released immediately. Please spread as much awareness as possible about his case.

We hope to be updating this entry with further news developments concerning Kordpour’s arrest. In the meantime do what you can to spread the word and contact the Iranian embassy in your (or a neighboring) country in order to condemn this.

Here is an extensive list of Iranian embassies worldwide.

Feel free to use this as a draft letter:

To whom it may concern,

I heard about the arrest of Massoud Kordpour, a respected and peaceful Kurdish journalist in Iran. Mr. Kordpour is known for his courageous activism towards human rights, and has never resorted to violence. I share his values in coexistence, free speech, tolerance and human rights, hence why I am writing this letter to convey my strong condemnation of what the Iranian authorities have done. This is the second time that Mr. Kordpour has been arrested.

I believe the Iranian authorities have made a grave mistake in arresting this man who has never incited violence.

I ask the Iranian government and the relevant authorities to correct the mistake and release Mr. Kordpour from prison, so that he may return to his family.

[Your name]

Please begin voicing your condemnation until we have successfully secured the release of Massoud Kordpour.