Our Campaign to Revamp This Site, Please Help!


Dear friends and supporters of peace,

For as long as anyone can remember, the Kurdish people have been abused and denied basic human rights by oppressive governments who seek to eradicate the Kurdish identity from the Middle East. Just yesterday the Syrian police shot and killed three young Kurds and wounded several others for merely celebrating Newroz, the Kurdish new year.

Mideast Youth as well as a number of Kurdish activists have collectively started campaigning to revamp KurdishRights.org in order to spread awareness about the human rights violations of the Kurds in Kurdistan and in the diaspora as a result of decades of oppression they have faced and continue to face everyday while the international community turns the other way.

KurdishRights.org will be a collaborative project where we Middle Easterns can all join forces against coercion, intimidation, hatred, and racism in order to shed some light upon the often forgotten brutality that the Kurds face on a daily basis by oppressive regimes.

As a Kurd myself, I believe that this site has huge potential and we expect it to be the home of Kurdish human rights advocacy, not just by Kurds but everyone who supports Kurdish rights is welcome to join us and contribute as an author.

In order to meet that goal, we need to raise at least $600 to make this website as accessible and as professional as possible, which is impossible to do without any source of funding.

We need this site to be secure, as the site has survived several attacks in the past.

The Kurdish minorities all over the Middle East have suffered greatly for many decades with rarely any international or local support. This has to change, and this site will definitely contribute to this change. Please help us by raising this amount. If each of you donate just $10, we can reach our target sooner than expected and start working on the much-needed campaign immediately.

Please help us by donating!

To learn more on the plight of the Kurds as well as this cause, please watch this video made by the director of MidEastYouth.com.