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No Mother’s Day for Kurdish Mothers

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Kurdish mothers did not celebrate Mother’s Day this year either. Some of them have children who are guerillas in the mountains, some of them are behind bars, and some have lost their lives in conflicts. Özgür Gündem Newspaper in Turkey …

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17-year-old Kurdish high school student killed by fascists in Turkey

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Kahraman Kaya, a 17-year-old Kurdish boy who was attacked by a fascist group in Istanbul and was taken into intensive care since the incident, lost his life today. Last Thursday, 10 Kurdish students went outside the school to come together …

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Justice key to Kurdish peace process

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Human Rights Watch has released a video that calls attention to the state killings and disappearances of Kurdish civilians in the 1990s committed by Turkey. It highlights the importance for immediate action to be taken in regard to the torture, …

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Discrimination of the Kurds: Also in Denmark

Posted on by Hejar Dashti

To be discriminated against is not a good feeling. It hurts. Especially if you experience it in a modern and democratic country like Denmark. My family and I came to Denmark ten years ago as political refugees. After ten years …

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“Afyon will be a graveyard for Kurds!”

Posted on by Xende Biradostî

Tensions have been high in the western Turkish province of Afyon after some two thousand angry nationalists stormed a Kurdish neighborhood on Saturday (December 29). Members of the mob were carrying Turkish flags and chanting, “death to Kurds!” and “Afyon …

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Devastating Earthquake Leaves Kurds Short of Shelter

Posted on by Minhaj Akreyi

The 7.2 earthquake in the Kurdish city of Van, in eastern Turkey has left 600,000 people affected and left homeless. The total death toll has risen to 471 and 1,650 people injured. The response to aid the victims have been …

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The growing human cost of Turkey’s war against the Kurds

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Four dead civilians. 250 refugees who have left behind destroyed villages and livestock. And the constant threat of further chaos as innocent civilians try to continue about their lives. Residents in Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan are paying the high cost …

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What is the Kurdish question?

Posted on by Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar

I was intrigued to find that many people did not know what the Kurdish question implied. The Kurdish question is a term widely used in reference to the fact that Kurdish people do not have a homeland. Kurdistan is divided …

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