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The Kurds and The Amazigh: Two People, One Common Struggle

Posted on by Tasbeeh Herwees

In 2011, in the Eastern city of Benghazi, whispers of dissent gave way to riotous revolution; Libyans took to the streets in unprecedented numbers, chanting anti-regime slogans, carrying signs and waving flags signaling their defiance. Two flags that were heretofore …

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Perwas Hussein: the challenges of a Kurdish singer on Arab Idol

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

Last night’s episode of Arab Idol brought more than flashy dresses and big voices to the stage. As the number of contestants dwindles down and each singer can taste victory, one Kurdish woman by the name of Perwas Hussein wowed …

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Interview with ROJ TV director: ROJ TV is facing an international conspiracy

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

In January 2012 the City Court in Denmark ruled that the Kurdish TV-station ROJ TV from February 7, 2008 to February 10, 2010 had acted as a mouthpiece for PKK, a Kurdish rebel group fighting for Kurdish rights in Turkey. …

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Editorial: A Dream for Syria and Serê Kaniyê

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

kurds in #syria led a humiliating life under the assad regime and no one supported them. now syria is fighting assad, still no support. — naila bozo (@nailabozo) February 8, 2013 I read with horror about the attacks in  Serê Kaniyê …

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International support of Kurdish uprising in Syria

Posted on by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

For a long time after the Syrian uprising began almost two years ago, West Kurdistan (the Kurdish northern parts of Syria, also called Rojava) remained free of fights between the regime and the Free Syrian Army. This has since changed …

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Danish author: Kurds lack a Gandhi

Posted on by Lillian Simonsen

The Danish author Adil Erdem both rebukes and celebrates the Kurdish identity when he is interviewed in a new series on Danish-Kurdish portraits, “KURDISH PROFILE,” as he answers personal questions about his Kurdish origin. Published first on the left-wing web …

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Kurdish Azadi is Not for Sale

Posted on by Suzan Boulad (Syria)

I was in high school when the American occupation of Iraq began. I remember the months of dramatic media reports and passionate debates that preceded the invasion, and I remember how physically upset I would get at imagining the cost …

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Mihemed Şexo – a Kurdish Legend

Posted on by Naila Bozo

Ew berî her tiştî mirovbû û bi hesanî xwe berda dilê kesê kurd, wek dengê req reqa tavan û şewqa birûskan, deng û şewq daye her çar perçên Kurdistanê. Before anything he was a human and with ease he let …

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