Students arrested for commemorating Roboski massacre


Bodies of victims of Uludere massacre in 2011.

At least 90 students from Cukurova University have been arrested for attempting to commemorate the Roboski massacre (also referred to as Uludere massacre) in Adana on Thursday, 25th of December.

Turkish F16 jets pounded a group of 40 Kurdish teenagers in Uludere district of Sirnak Province on December 28, 2011. The teenagers were smuggling food, including cigarettes.

Their bodies were uncovered the follow day, “The bodies were burnt to crisp. Vehicles cannot go into the area due to severe snow. People are trying to reach the area by their own means”, Şirank city council’s deputy chair Erset Edis said at the time.

The killing of Kurdish teenagers in 2011 led to international condemnation, protests, renewing Kurdish frustration with the Turkish government’s treatment of Kurdish people.

The Turkish government must ensure local police authorities do not misuse their power, and allow the peaceful gathering of civilians. The arrest of students protesting to commemorate the Uludere massacre is unjustifiable, and violates their Human right to protest.