Witnesses speak about the Massacre in Aleppo


The survivors of the Tel Aran and Tel Hasel massacres in Aleppo told about the savagery of the acts of terror committed by the Al-Qaeda militants, Firat News Agency (ANF) reported.

The Kurdish massacre committed by the Al-Qaeda militants that took place two weeks ago is unfolding as the witnesses are finding the courage to speak about the horrendous genocide they were subject to.

“They were smashing and chopping off heads.”

Ahmet Heskevi, one of the witnesses, said:

They caught civilians named Rêkan Skeyf, Mustafa Batuşi and Hüseyin Xemisi in their house. They were all wounded as the militants had raked through their house with gunfire randomly. They put a wire around Hüseyin Xemisi’s head and tied him on the back of a car.

They dragged him from his house to the bakery in the square of Til Eran. They smashed his head into pieces with their guns and stones. His screams filled the sky. They cut off his head after smashing it into pieces.

They also beheaded the other two and took the heads of the three men and went to the roof of the bakery. I could not believe my eyes. I did not want to believe it. I did not believe that human beings could do that. A human being cannot do that.

“They were torturing the wounded.”

“They captured a young man named Abdulselam Arif Bışar wounded. They took him in front of a mosque and first cut his arms and feet. Then, they ripped his chin into two parts when he was still alive. I could not stand his screams.”

“After beheading Abdulselam, they sent a group of people to their houses. They found Abdurrezak Bışar, Abdulselam’s brother, sleeping at home. They shot him death before the eyes of his mother while he was sleeping. I can still hear their screams. I can’t sleep at night. It was a real tragedy of humanity. We witnessed the savagery of the gangs in our village.”

“They tied my brother and dragged him down the road.”

Ibrahim Cuma Ato told how his brother was massacred:

“After the conflicts ceased, my brother went to the village by motorcycle to take the villagers out. They caught him on the way home. They put a wire around his head and dragged him on the back of a car. Then, they tortured and killed him.”

“When my mother and brothers saw this, they fled from our house. They also caught me as I was trying to run away. None of us were able to see the funeral of our brother. He was buried in a field by the villagers later.”

“They shot a mother burying her sons.”

The families in Til Eran are attacked even when they try to hold a funeral for the dead, the witnesses say.

They massacred two brothers named Abdo Hemud Rêkan and Abdo Skeyf Rêkan. Their family members took them to a graveyard to bury them. The gangs assaulted the graveyard during that time.

They started to shoot them randomly. Most of the people at the funeral ran away to save their lives but the mother did not leave her sons’ coffins. They shot the woman and threw her dead body on the coffins of her sons.

The atrocity was so disastrous that I cannot find the words to describe it. Many people are still not able to speak because they are scared. They think ‘what if they also catch us one day’?

Pictures of the victims can be seen here.