Massacre in Aleppo Continues


The barricades of the Al-Qaeda-linked groups and Free Syrian Army (FSA) massacred scores of Kurdish youths, and kidnapped hundreds of people, mostly Kurdish women and children, Etkin News Agency (ETHA) reported. The world is still silent on the massacre.

The Al-Qaeda -linked groups and Free Syrian Army are going on massacring Kurds in the Til Hasil and Til Aran regions of Aleppo.

The attacks in the Kurdish-inhabited areas started on 29 July, Fırat News Agency (ANF) reported. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Al Nusra Front have made announcements from the loudspeakers of mosques that Kurds are to be attacked and that it is halal to kidnap Kurdish women, calling for massacre and rape in the name of “Islam”.

A large part of Til Hasil and Til Eran has been besieged by the militants of the Al-Qaeda and the FSA, forcing thousands of people to flee to neighboring Kurdish villages. But the neighboring villages are also under the threat of massacre.

After having escaped to the Sixer village in the west of Aleppo, villagers told about the savagery of the attack to the ANHA agency. The Al-Nusra militants plundered the houses of Kurds and gave a fatwa to massacre them and capture their women, villagers said.

They massacred Kurdish youths just because they were Kurdish

A youth who undisclosed his name because of security concerns, M.N., stated that radical Islamist groups in Til Hasıl massacred scores of Kurdish youths on grounds that they were Kurdish. The gangs were not able to see them as they secretly abandoned their hometowns, he added.

The massacres are also committed by the FSA, which is openly supported by Turkey, the West, and gulf countries. Abdul-Jabbar Al-Aqidi, one of the commanders of the military council of the FSA, and the other commanders of the FSA published a video message, where they threatened to massacre all Kurds and announced that they will open their ammunition stores to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Al-Nusra Front. They will fights against Kurds with all their power, they emphasized.