Two Kurds die of self-immolation in Iran


According to HRANA, two Kurds died after setting themselves on fire just 2 weeks ago in front of the main administrative office in the Kurdistan Province. The two men, both followers of the religion Yârsân, protested Iranian prison authorities’ treatment of Keyumars Tamnak, a member of their religion, who shaved off Tamnak’s mustache, a physical attribute of the followers of Yârsân.

One of the men, Hassan Razavi, suffered 60 % burns on his body. He was brought to a hospital in Tehran and is now under police watch; he is not allowed to see anyone.

The day after Razavi’s self-immolation, on June 5, 2013, Nimkard Tahari, another follower of Yârsân, set himself on fire. He died on the way to the hospital and was buried the next day under increased security measures.

During the funeral of Tahari, people protested in front of the administrative office in the Kurdistan Province, demanding officials to meet with them. The protest was broken up by police forces but members of Yârsân have threatened to set themselves on fire if action is not taken.

Followers of Yârsân are concentrated both in Iran and Iraq and their members are mostly ethnic Kurds. According to HRANA, leaders of Yârsân have been threatened by the Iranian Intelligence Agency in the city of Sahneh.