Young agents of Kurdish origin expose shocking truth on Kurdish television


Three Kurdish female activists, Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, were horribly executed in the heart of Paris on January 9, 2013. This cold-blooded attack was committed by professionals – the Turkish “Gladio”, which is also known as the Turkish “Deep State”.

Extrajudicial killings against Kurdish intellectuals have been perpetrated by the Turkish “Gladio” for decades. This act of violence was a terror attack against the Kurds and this case is still unsolved.

Shortly after the political assassination of these three women, five young infiltrators of Kurdish origin were exposed by Kurdish guerrilla. These youths had been threatened by the Islamic Gülen Movement and Turkey’s ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) and were sent to the Kurdish mountains to join the PKK in order to assassinate PKK executives.

Nûçe TV reporter Erdal Er has interviewed these young agents and they revealed everything in a TV-program called “Örümcek ağı” (Spider-net), which was broadcasted on the Kurdish TV-channel Nûçe TV.

One of these youngsters was student at a Gülen school and lived at a Gülen dormitory. Thirteen-year-old “Serhildan” told Erdal Er that her former school managers Beşir Çalışkan and Fevzi Kılıç forced her to study at a boarding school. They also promised that she would get scholarships if she applied to the boarding school.

“Serhildan” went to the boarding school with her parent’s permission. She met the school manager Kadriye, who was responsible for young Kurdish women at the dormitory. “Serhildan” told the reporter:

The first two weeks at the Gülen school were normal. The education was normal. Turkish police were responsible for the school security. They were wearing civil clothes. I met Yusuf Dadal there, who was responsible for the school security. My mother also met him when she visited me at the dormitory.

The fake birthday party

“Serhildan” continued and said:

One day I was told that it was Kadriye’s birthday. I didn’t want to attend her birthday party and told them that I had to study. Afterwards, the security personnel forced me to come downstairs and I did as I was told. Everything was normal.

After a while someone knocked on the door and men stepped into the salon like the mafia. There were 30 young women in the room. Juice boxes were standing on the table. The men had brought alcohol and put them on the table. We were speechless and shocked. I thought they were friends of Kadriye. I was sitting on a couch. Yusuf came and sat next to me and asked how I was feeling. I didn’t knew how I was going to answer him and I told him that I was fine. He gave me a bottle of alcohol. I had never seen something like this before. This didn’t exist in my family. My family is religious. I was frightened. I had read the Holy Quran. I didn’t want to drink but he told me that it was okay to drink it once.

All of my friends were drinking alcohol. They were sitting next to men. I drank one bottle and got drunk. I woke up in the morning. I didn’t know where I was. I saw a man laying next to me. It was Yusuf. Everything ended for me – family, school, everything. This was the end. I cried and was shattered. I was only 13-years old and I had never thought of something like this could occur in my life. They said that this [sexual intercourses] was normal. I wanted to run away but they didn’t let me go. I was caught in a trap.

Arrested and sexually abused at the police-station

Another Kurdish youth, Devrim, arrested in Diyarbakir, said:

The Turkish police brought me to the police station. They were beating me the first day and questioned me the following day. I was silent. There were three policemen – Suat, Murat and Serkan. They brought me to another room. They covered my eyes with a blindfold and sexually assaulted me. Everything was caught on camera.

I was locked up and they questioned me for two days. I told them the names of my friends. They showed me pictures of my friends and asked me if I knew them – I said yes. Shortly afterwards, they raped me twice.

“If you don’t want to be humiliated you will become an agent!”
Devrim continued:

They released me and my neighbours saw me. I went home and my mother was crying. My neighbours were crying. No one knew that I had been arrested. I didn’t tell my family. I was lying in my bed a whole day. My family was at home and the police came to my house. They had a CD and a dossier. My mother and father weren’t allowed to be in the same room as us [me and the policemen].

Murat and Serkan were also there. They threatened me and told me that I had to do as they demanded if I didn’t want to embarrass myself and my family. They told me that they would make my life miserable if I didn’t obey them.”
The Gülen movement has opened Gülen schools and mosques in every Kurdish city and almost every village. The Turkish state has established police stations (Karakol) across Kurdistan. These police stations have been established in order to kill and arrest Kurds.

Gülen schools have been established in order to assimilate Kurdish children at a young age and tempt the Kurdish children into abandoning the Kurdish struggle for human rights. The Gülen movement aims to assimilate Kurdish children by emphasizing the Ottoman ideology in school, causing many Kurds to become unaware of their cultural inheritance. Gülen followers (Gülenists) and the Turkish government are using religion to build the unity of the Turkish state and crush the Kurdish identity. The state is running a denial and annihilation policy toward the Kurds.

HPG (Kurdish People’s Defence Forces) commander Dr. Bahoz Erdal said that the Turkish state and Gülenists are indoctrinating Kurdish children in order to distance the children from the Kurdish society. Prostitution and drugs have been spread among Kurdish youth through JITEM (Turkish Army Intelligent Service) and MIT (The National Intelligence Organization) in Kurdistan.

Private schools (dershane) are another subject. These Gülen schools have been established in particularly Kurdistan and are very active in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan as well as in southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). The first Turkish school was founded in 1993 in Hewlêr (Erbil).

Dr. Bahoz Erdal further said that every single parent must take responsibility of their children and raise their children in a correct way so that they won’t forget their Kurdish identity, language and culture.

The Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen is the founder of the Gülen movement and runs private schools in approximately 140 countries across the world. It is an ultra-conservative society and it teaches students at Gülen schools to become faithful servants. The movement describes itself as a “faith-inspired, non-political, cultural and educational movement whose basic principles stem from Islam’s universal values, such as love of the creation, sympathy for the fellow human, compassion, and altruism.”

Fethullah Gülen says that he doesn’t want to affiliate himself or the movement with politics, but there are many hidden sides of the Gülen movement and many people are not aware of what is going on behind the scenes. He has spoken in favour of Turkey’s ruling AKP and they do share many similar goals. Moreover, many of AKP MP’s are Gülenists. Gülen and the AKP have an Islamic agenda and share a vision of promoting a greater role for Islam across Turkey as well as abroad.

Gülen is eager to give the Kurds certain rights, for instance Kurdish language schools. The Turkish AKP and Gülen movement want to create their “own” Kurds who are serving the Turkish state, the Gülen Movement and Islam. However, the Turkish state and Gülen want to silence and eliminate Kurds who are resisting Turkish control. Gülen called upon the Turkish army to attack Kurds and to annihilate their resistance. Gülen made this very clear in a video message in 2011 where he said:

Locate them, surround them, break up their units, let fire rain down upon their houses, drown out their lamentations with even more wails, cut off their roots and put an end to their cause.

In a video message from 2011 Gülen uttered disappointment over the Turkish army’s failure “to finish off a group of bandits [the PKK] in the mountains over the last 30 years.”

The Turkish army cannot silence the Kurdish resistance. Hence Gülen is targeting Kurdish children in order to assimilate them, kill them mentally, but not physically, intimidate them and send them to the Kurdish mountains in order to kill PKK executives.

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