Kurdish correspondent detained in Istanbul


Mütha Çetin, a correspondent working for Dicle News Agency (mostly covers news about the Kurdish issue) has been detained in Istanbul, Fırat News Agency (ANF) reported.

Çetin has been detained by police officers for an unknown reason while trying to cover the story of a woman who had been exposed to violence in the Şişli district of Istanbul and has been taken to Harbiye police headquarters.


Mütha Çetin was detained yesterday evening while trying with her cell-phone camera to record a police officer who was committing violence against a woman.

She was released late at night after giving a statement and received a report disclosing that she had been battered, making a complaint against the police.

Speaking to Bianet, Çetin said that a police officer argued with a driver on Şişli Elmadağ road and after the driver ran away to back streets, the police officer committed violence against the foreign woman inside the car. Çetin wanted to shoot the violence with her cell-phone camera but was battered by the police officer and prevented from recording the scene of violence.

Receiving a report regarding the battering and making a complaint against the police, Çetin said that the police also made a complaint against her due to alleged battery charge.

She and the other woman who has been exposed to police violence are planning to file a criminal complaint against the police, she added