Vote for Kurdish Rights


The Alliance for Kurdish Rights (AKR) was founded in 2007 in an effort to highlight abuses against the Kurdish people throughout the Middle East. Apart from having a wide range of Kurdish contributors and activists join and support the initiative, we’ve also had notable members who are Arab, Turkish and Iranian. This is what inspired us to rebrand the project as an “alliance,” and not merely a movement. Forming this interregional alliance helped us expand our outreach to include the wider region and not just Kurdistan. It also empowered us to refute anti-Kurdish propaganda in Arab, Turkish and Iranian media outlets because they were not able to simply dismiss AKR as only ‘Kurdish’ since our membership was clearly diverse, with articles translated to various languages over the years.

The site was hacked several times, primarily by Turkish and occasionally Iranian hackers, but we’ve still been going strong. People kept applying for membership. Gradually, our members have helped document historical and grave evidence against the Kurdish nation that has been referenced in various international news outlets, anywhere from Al Jazeera to TIME magazine.

We created videos that were used in several seminars and conferences across the world, which you can see below (playlist) –

AKR was founded by the network Mideast Youth in Bahrain. This past month, Mideast Youth was nominated for a Bobs Award, a prestigious award that recognizes the best in online activism. AKR remains one of Mideast Youth’s primary and oldest projects. If Mideast Youth wins, it will give AKR further credibility and prominence to continue the struggle for Kurdish rights everywhere. Please take a second to vote for ‘Mideast Youth’ here.

We would really appreciate your support in spreading the word.