Beautiful Kurdish protests across Syria celebrate Newroz and the Revolution


Rojava, Syria- Kurdish cities in Syria have seen numerous demonstrations in the last two weeks for a wide variety of reasons. Demonstrations have been used as a celebration of Newroz and the 2nd anniversary of the Syrian revolution, and as a sign of protest and commemoration of the 2004 Kurdish uprisings that were brutally crushed by the Assad regime long before such events were news-worthy. As protests become an increasingly rare yet persistent part of the Syrian revolution, Kurds across Syria continue to affirm their cultural and political identities through a diverse array of demonstrations often accompanied with music, dancing, and posters.

On Friday 22 March, a group who called themselves “the Gathering of Free Youth”  organized protests along with groups all across Syria on the Friday of Your Chemical Weapons Won’t Stop Our Fight For Freedom. The name is in reference to the chemical weapons that the Assad regime allegedly dropped in some parts of Aleppo last week.

Here, a large march with Kurdish flags and some Syrian independence flags in the Antariyeh neighborhood.

The protests were also a celebration of Newroz, with songs, signs, and flags. The signs affirmed Kurdish identity and demanded a general recognition of Newroz.

There is also a more in-depth report about Newroz celebrations in Qamişlo published on Thursday.


A huge group of people gathered around a stage in Amûdê for a celebration of Newroz. Kurdish flags and Kurdish colors covered the group.

An amazing night celebration of Newroz, also very well-attended, gave an inspiring message of unity to cities all across Syria and expressed a wish for freedom and brotherhood.

A large Friday march was full of Kurdish songs, flags, and chants. One poster addressed both the celebration of Newroz and Mother’s day with a touching message:

Oh mothers of the prisoners and the martyrs: may freedom be our holiday every year.

A different protest in Amûdê is notable for the equal presence of both Syrian independence flags and Kurdish flags. The songs are in Arabic, and they express support for the Free Syrian Army.

Just from Amûdê and Qamişlo, these are a small selection of videos. All across Syria, Newroz made protests all the more spirited as Kurds came out in the thousands to celebrate and chant for freedom.

In Dirbêsî

In Kobanî

In Efrîn