Explosion at Intelligence Center in Qamişlo


The Kurdish Youth Movement (Tevgera Ciwanên Kurd, TCK) in West Kurdistan (Northeast Syria) has confirmed that an explosion has taken place today at a Syrian intelligence center in Qamişlo.

The explosion could be heard in the western part of the town 4 kilometers away from the center. A store owner 2 kilometers away from the intelligence center said books fell down from the shelves in his store.

The Hamza battalion of the Free Syrian Army takes responsibility for the explosion, says Avend Akreyî, a member of TCK.

This will most likely cause concern among Kurdish parties in Qamişlo seeing as they do not accept the Free Syrian Army to fight in the Kurdish areas.

The video shows the intelligence center where the explosion took place:
Explosion in Qamişlo, August 18th 2012

Avend Akreyî says the video has been recorded from a distance because the regime soldiers surrounded the center after the explosion.

Contacts in Qamişlo have also said that they have recently seen three trucks filled with Assad’s soldiers drive to Amûdê, a Kurdish town that was declared liberated from the Syrian regime by the Kurds in late July.

(You can follow Avend Akreyî on twitter for more information about the situation in West Kurdistan: @avend93)