Overview: The Kurdish Revolution in Syria, City by City


Rojava, Syria: The northern Kurdish region of Syria has seen dramatic street protests and other forms of resistance against the Assad regime since the beginning of the revolution, and even before. But in recent weeks, revolutionary forces across Syria seem to be gaining significant milestones in their struggle against the Assad regime, including major attacks in Damascus on July 18 that killed several of the regime’s top officials. On June 12th, two major Kurdish groups united forces during an important meeting in Iraq, and since then, Syria’s Kurdish region has seen significant gains in its struggle against the regime. Syrian regime forces have been forced out of multiple Kurdish cities, including Kobani, Derik, and Amoude, and Kurdish groups have begun to form rudimentary governing organizations.

The unified High Kurdish Council via @RodiKawro

The city of Aleppo, which has a significant Kurdish presence, has seen intense fighting between regime and revolutionary forces, and a massive crackdown is feared by the regime. Here is an overview of videos and articles that describe the events in Syria’s Kurdistan city by city.

Amoude: On July 18th, demonstrators took to the streets to celebrate the dramatic turn of events in Damascus, chanting in Kurdish for the downfall of the regime.

On July 22nd, revolutionary forces were able to take control of the main security building in Amoude, and waved the Kurdish flag from the top.

Al-ashrafiyeh: Kurds have gathered in this suburb of Aleppo in huge numbers every night for the last week, chanting in Kurdish and Arabic for the downfall of the Syrian regime. Kurdish participation in mass street protests has jumped significantly, as Kurdish regions fall out of the control of the regime.

Sere Kaniye: Protests here were also very passionate, with lots of singing and chanting. There were many Kurdish flags waving at this protest that took  place July 24.

Qamishlo: Protests in the large city of Qamishlo have included many women and children, such as this protest from yesterday evening.

Heavy clashes between Kurdish fighters and regime forces have been reported in Qamishlo, but for the most part, the city is free from any official regime presence.  Groups in Qamishlo have organized protests in celebration, and have also released a statement calling for the peaceful unity of all Kurdish factions and coexistence among all ethnic and religious groups in the region.

A complete collection of videos, images and articles of Kurdish protests against the Assad regime is available at Crowdvoice.org.