Racist teacher advocates poisoning of Kurdish children in Turkey


Burcu Ozcelebi is a teacher at Express Language Schools in Antalya

Hundreds of children have been poisoned by milk earlier today in Turkey, the majority of these children were Kurdish. It is unclear whether this was poor governmental management or lack of monitoring which has caused this at this stage, but the Turkish government has responded by saying the allegations of poisoning are merely psychological.

A teacher at ELS Express Language school responded by saying, ‘I wish they had done that long time ago’ in response to a tweet, which mentioned that hundreds of Kurdish children were food poisoned. The tweet has since been removed, but we have a screen-shot of it (as we do with most racist comments).

We have contacted the ELS to make sure Burcu Ozcelebi is held responsible for perpetuating racism on social media, especially given her role as a teacher in Turkey. We encourage our supporters to send a letter to ELS, expressing outrage at the comments of Burcu Ozcelebi.

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