In memory of Ibrahîm Ehmed


Ibrahîm Ehmed was a Kurdish political activist, writer and translator (born 6 March 1914, Silêmanî, Kurdistan). He passed away on 8 April 2000, aged 86 in his hometown.

Ahmad studied Law at the University of Baghdad, and graduated in 1937. He served as a judge between 1942-1944 in Hewlêr and Halabja. In 1939, he co-founded the Kurdish literary periodical Gelawêj.

In 1949, he was sentenced to two years in Prison by the Iraqi regime. Later on in 1953, he became Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party.

His selfless activism is a source of inspiration and motivation for Kurdish activists globally. Some of his works are noted below:

Short Stories

  • Yadgarî Lawan (Memories of youth), Collection of poem and stories, Baghdad, 1933.
  • Kwêrewerî (Misery), Collection of short stories, Baghdad, 1959.
  • Bawik û Kur (Father and son), short story, published in the magazine Çirîkey Kurdistan, England, 1979.
  • Pirsey Şehîd (The vigil of martyr), short story, published in the magazine Çirîkey Kurdistan, England, 1980.


  • Janî Gel (The suffering of the people), Novel, 1972, Iraq.
  • Dirk û Gul (The thorn and the flower), in two volumes, 1991. (written in 1961)
  • Awat û Nahumêdî (Expectations and Desperation), written in 1933, not been published yet.
  • Herzekarî û Hejarî (Negligence and Poverty), written in 1972, unpublished.
  • Jiyan û Xebat (Life and Struggle), written in 1961, unpublished.