Halabja Trends on Twitter – Social Awareness Campaign


Photo: Hawri Tofik (@iirwaH)

Alliance For Kurdish Rights has been using social networking tools to raise awareness for Halabja genocide, which took place on March 16, 1988. We have written about what happened in the massacre here, why it is important to remember it here, and briefly highlighted the history behind it here. Today, Kurdish activists helped trend #HalabjaNeverAgain on Twitter by highlighting the atrocities that were committed by the former Iraqi regime.

Please sign this petition to recognise Halabja as a Genocide in United Kingdom, launched by MP Nadhim Zahawi, which has over 500 signatures so far. We have a separate campaign for this petition in the coming months, for now, read this selection of tweets and our Strorify here.

Pro-Kurdish activist and blogger Mark Campbell helped raise awareness about this campaign on TwitterKurd’s Facebook and Google group. In a short statement he said, “The world must remember Kurdish people, and their complicity in the Kurdish genocide. We will not forget, and we will never give up hoping for an independent Kurdistan”.