Facebook bans people from posting Kurdistan map and criticising Atatürk


Facebook allows criticism and mockery of God but when it comes to Atatürk different rules apply. In a bizarre policy leak, content related to Atatürk, and Kurdistan flag are not permitted to be posted. According to the Daily Mail, a former employer has revealed anonymously.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is responsible for the ethnic cleansing, racial abuse and state-sanctioned discrimination against Kurdish people because he propagated an ideology which favours one ethnic group. The Kemalist ideology identifies Turkish people as inhabitants of Turkey, disregarding other ethnic groups. Kemalist ideology does not recognise other ethnic groups, they are seen as “erroneous” and are seen as “products of past tyranny”.

It was because of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s nationalism that he rejected the Treaty of Sevres, and consequently Kurdish uprisings were put down forcefully. The 1920 Koçkiri Rebellion, Sheikh Said Rebellion of 1925, Ararat rebellion between 1927-1930, and Dersim rebellion in 1937, led to the brutal massacre of thousands of Kurdish people where children, women and men were killed indiscriminately. Entire villages were wiped out, and many women subject to sexual abuse.

After the Kurdish rebellion in 1937, the government had new measures which effectively displaced more than one Million Kurdish people. Other ethnic groups were encouraged to live in Kurdish-populated areas in an attempt to change ethnic compositions. More than one Million Kurdish people were deported, Kurdish language was banned, “Kurd” and “Kurdistan” were removed from history books, they were now called “Mountain Turks”.

We have complained to Facebook regarding this matter, and will be pursuing it to see the justifications behind this, and encourage our supporters to do the same.