Kurdish Language in Turkey on International Mother Language Day!


Photo: Kurdish people protested in Diyarbakir in 2011 on Feb 21st calling for Kurdish language rights in Turkey.

International Mother Language Day was announced on Tuesday 9 November 1999 (Draft report of commission II, UNESCO), and recognised in 2008. On this day where diversity is welcomed, Kurdish language does not enjoy equal status in many places. In the past, Kurdish people have been stripped off their mother tongue, and forced to speak foreign languages as a method of assimilation. We call upon our supporters to show their support for Kurdish language to enjoy equal legal status in Turkey.

Kurdish Language in Turkey:

– Kurdish Language banned in 1923
– Existence of different languages recognised in 1964
– Speaking Kurdish informally allowed in 1991
– Broadcasting in Kurdish-language allowed in 2004

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Roja Zimanê dayikê pîroz be!