Turkish General staff knew Uludere victims were not PKK rebels


Civilians killed in an airstrike near Şırnak province were buried in an Ortasu village cemetery on Dec. 30, 2011. (Photo: Today's Zaman)

A military source has told Today’s Zaman the purpose behind the deadly airstrike in Uludere district of Sirnak was done purposely to put the Chief of General Staff Gen. Ozel in a “difficult position”. The airstrike which resulted in the killing of 34 civilian food-smugglers was done with knowledge that they were not rebels or even associated with them.

Necdet Ozel was appointed as Chief General of Staff in 2011 after the commanders of air, navy and land forces resigned due to controversy over appointments of generals. The resignation of top commanders was a deep blow to the government, who had resigned because the Turkish court charged 22 people with intent to undermine the government, among them generals and officers.

The controversy around the victims of Uludere is becoming more perplexing and confusing as the story develops, why would Necdet Ozel be misled over an operation which he was in charge of, and more importantly, who would want to put him in a difficult position since he was appointed by the current government. The government has suspected high-ranking officials of plotting to overthrow the government, but this fiasco is becoming a theatrical show of incompetency.

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