[Graphic] Turkish Soldiers post dead bodies of Kurdish people on Facebook


A Facebook page named Anlatılmaz Yaşanır, which translates into You’ve got to live to feel it contained pictures of Kurdish people killed in Turkey, some of the pictures were taken as a mockery of Kurdish people by the Soldiers because it shows soldiers smiling next to the dead bodies, and having their thumbs up. The pictures include gruesome brutality of Kurdish people, including naked pictures of dead Kurdish women. The Facebook page was removed immediately after several Kurdish activists enquired about it earlier this morning.

Some of the pictures are dated back to 2006, while others remain unknown. We are currently unable to identify the bodies of the Kurdish people killed, we know they are Kurdish because of their traditional Kurdish garments, and it is likely that they were Kurdish rebels. Further, some of the pictures include bodies buried by the Soldiers, without the familial knowledge of such events occurring. We are in the process of identifying both the victims and Turkish soldiers, and will try our best to pursue this case in a court of law.

WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of the pictures, the pictures have been uploaded on a separate page. Please be warned, some of the pictures are quite graphic and stomach-turning, that shows victims bodies completely naked, and in many instances covered in blood. This is the first step of pictures which we are publishing, there are more pictures of equal gruesome nature.

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