Database of Political Prisoners in Iran lists a large number of Kurds


A database of political prisoners in Iran has been compiled by online activists using the social media tool, Hyper Activist. The database names the prisoners, information including charges and their activity/occupation, along with their ethnicity. Verification for each prisoner is provided by a source inputted by online activists to the site. The database is currently incomplete and is constantly being updated by online activists with new names. Also adding to its incompleteness is the fact that many political prisoners in Iran are reportedly regularly charged with other crimes in show trials, and thus, are not counted as political prisoners. Through, Hyper Activist, anyone may provide information on political prisoners that are not currently in the database.

In the database provided through Hyper Activist, a very large number of political prisoners listed are of Kurdish descent. In the past couple of years, the number of arrests against activists inside Iran, and in particular Kurdish activists, has increased dramatically. Several Kurdish political prisoners have also been executed after being charged with “moharebeh” or “waging war against God”.

Among those executed in recent years are Kurdish political prisoners, Mr. Farzad Kamangar, Ms. Shirin Alam Hooli, Mr. Ali Heydarian, Mr. Ehsan Fattahian, Mr. Farhad, Tarom, Mr. Hossein Khezri, and Mr. Farhad Vakili. The lives of many more Kurdish and non-Kurdish political prisoners remain at risk. Among those at risk is the well-known former head of the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan and an editor and writer, Mr. Mohammad Seddigh Kaboudvand. Mr. Kaboudvand is reportedly in bad health and may have suffered a stroke while in prison. Iranian authorities have denied him proper medical care and his current health status is unknown as his family has also been denied regular visits with him. Like many others, Mr. Kaboudvand has suffered torture at the hands of Iranian authorities.

You can view the database of political prisoners in Iran through Hyper Activist at