Dozens of cities protest against Turkey’s brutality towards Kurds – Pictures


The brutal killing of 35 Kurdish civilians, aged between 16 to 20 has sparked outraged among Kurdish people and Human Rights activists. Local activists have called for a Kurdish uprising against Turkish brutality, and many have called for a UN-led investigation into the deaths. Haci Encu, 19-year-old survive from the attack explained that they were a group of nearly 50 people with mules, and were attacked by drones while trying to cross the border to Iraq.

Encu said, “We were going for sugar and diesel” and that the attack was not expected since this was their normal route. The area lacks investment, and local resources are not enough to survive due to poverty. Those killed in the attack were mostly secondary school students, apart from two adults. Kurdish activists staged emergency demonstrations in dozens of cities across the world. Europe alone staged more than 12 protests in different cities.

Thousands in Silemani protested against Turkish brutality, and a few burned a Turkish flag symbolising their outrage at Turkey’s continuos shelling of Kurdish provinces, killing civilians in the process. You can find out which cities have informed us of protests here, we will upload all the pictures soon, most of which can be found on our Facebook page in larger resolution.

Several hundreds turned up to protest in London. Picture taken by Fazel Hawramy.

Hundreds turned up in Hawler with Kurdish flags — many of whom called for an uprising against Turkish brutality.  Kurds have urged KRG to take a more bold stance with Turkey’s violations of Kurdish rights.  Some Kurdish officials have used social networking to condemn the killing.  The Prime Minister of the Kurdish regional Government has said, “Abhorrent killing of Kurd civilians resulting from Turkish airstrike today. This tragic and senseless conflict needs to end.” This was echoed by Bayan Sami Rahman, “Killing of more than 35 Kurds in Turkey yesterday shows tragedy and futility of attempt to solve issue by military means”. 

Thousands turned up in the province of Silemani.


Thousands turned up to friday prayer commemorating the killing.

Turkish flag burned in Silemani by angry protesters

Malmo Vigil

Kurdish community in Copenhagen.

London march, picture taken by Sedat Romed Yezdan.

Washington D.C. Picture taken by Alan Muhealden

Germany (Berlin), Picture taken by Benjamin Hiller.


Helsinki, Finland

Frankfurt, Germany

Kurdish community protested in Edmonton, Canada. - Picture courtesy of Nega Barzinji

For many Kurdish people, condemnation is not enough because what we are seeing is a repetition of previous months where Kurdish civilians were killed, and people staged protests all over Kurdistan and Europe in condemnation. In August, 7 civilians were killed, and several hundreds have been arrested since in association with KCK, which we have reported on. The Turkish government has illustrated that it doesn’t care about Kurdish rights, and because it has not been held accountable, the shelling and night raids continue with little international support for Kurdish people.

More photos coming soon, due to time differences some areas have not started their protest yet.