Kurdish political activist Eyyüp Doru arrested


Eyyüp Doru.

Eyyüp Doru has been arrested in Germany because of an arrest warrant issued on Interpol in 2007. BDP representative in Europe has said to ANF, “Mr. Doru was arrested on 15 December after his car was stopped by police in Münich city where he was going to appear in the BDP delegation to meet with Diyarbakır MP Leyla Zana.” Adding, “Our representative Eyyüp Doru is a Kurdish politician who has been living in Europe and never been to Turkey for more than 25 years.”

The BDP Representative is quoted to have said the following; “The AKP government intends to criminalize our representative who has been legally doing active politics at various institutions and establishments for many years. While the AKP government has turned Turkey into an open prison for Kurds within the scope of so called KCK operations, which has arrested more than five thousand people, the arrest of Mr. Doru is a sign of the intention to close the ways to Kurdish politicians abroad as well and to interrupt our party’s works in Europe.”

On the 24th of March 2009, Eyyüp Doru was arrested on the same grounds in Spain.